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Robyn Moolman is a Specialist Equestrian Coach, Horse Trainer & Clinician

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Specialist Equestrian Coach & Horse Trainer

Progress steadily with a unique, step by step approach to training. Equine Lingo’s established method has great success in both the competitive & non-competitive equestrian industry.

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Equine training clinic

Clinic's, Tours & Demonstrations

Practical and theory-based coaching is available across all disciplines. Host a topic-specific clinic or inspirational demo at your yard, show or event.

Equestrian Coach & Horse Trainer

Training clinics help and educate riders and their horses in either general techniques or in their specific discipline.

Online Courses, Distance Coaching & Training Videos

We know about your hectic schedule. We also know the only way you truly get good at anything is by consistant, correct practice. 

Don’t wait for Robyn to visit your area, get going with the next level of your training with the ONLINE COURSES / ONLINE TRAINING VIDEOS & DISTANCE COACHING!

Distance coaching

Equine Lingo Clients

What our clients have to say:

Fantastic Team Building!

Equine Lingo provided us with the scenarios, the tools, the literature, their skills and of course the horses to teach

Steve Chapman

Things have finally turned for the better! Thanks EQUINE LINGO!

“A moment of patience in a moment of anger saves a thousand moments of regret.” Thank you to Robyn Moolman

Zoe Smith

Stallion Handling – Jacobs’ Erf Stud

Finbar is enjoying his stay at Donkerpoort Animal Health. He is doing phantom training for AI services and being a

Danielle Jacobs

Michelle & Sabado at The Equine Lingo Clinic! This relationship is amazing to watch in action.

What a wonderful experience me and my boy had with the Equine Lingo clinic. You think you know your horse

Michelle Dendum

Heart-warming words from Orla & Shall We Dance

The Equine Lingo clinic was something way out of my comfort zone, but one of the best experiences I’ve had

Orla Hunter

Shelley & Uni-Kai – Disrespectful Stallion

Hi, I’m Shelley, my equine soul mate is Uni-Kai. He is approximately 4 years old and I adopted him as


Carmen Barnard

How my journey with Aaron started… a dull, aggressive horse who hated working. Robyn helped me sooo much in refining

Kamika Waghmarae

My boy, Fantastic Mr Fox, and I have been together for almost 6 years now and have tried so many

Kamika Waghmarae

Katrin Tag

Step by step the best the best way to learn trust and confidence between horse and rider and finding the

Katrin Tag

Marne Myers

Would recommend Robyn to anyone with a problem horse, or just want to sharpen their horsemanship skills. Helped Mia and

Marne Myers

Simone Du Plessis

Loved my sessions with Robyn and my boy, her techniques are individual to the horse and she has such a

Simone Du Plessis

Kaylise Samons

So happy about what I was able to accomplish with my beautiful boy thanks to Robyn! Thank you for making

Kaylise Samons
Student at Equine Science, TUT

Erika Walstrand

Robyn you are AMAZING in what you do Thank you so much for all your advice and coaching, I can

Erika Walstrand

Cassandra Bosof

Flippen amazing Robyn is great at what she does and I enjoy learning Equine Lingo’s Training Method from

Cassandra Bosof

Carmen Barnard

Robyn’s knowledge, kindness, passion & and excellence sets her apart! She makes you feel so comfortable during the session &

Carmen Barnard

Empowering Equestrians

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