Shelley & Uni-Kai – Disrespectful Stallion

Hi, I’m Shelley, my equine soul mate is Uni-Kai. He is approximately 4 years old and I adopted him as a severely abused boy. Most importantly- he is a stallion. Personal space and attention span were words excluded from his horsey vocabulary. We started liberty training with Equine Lingo, in 4 sessions, Uni has learnt respect for his human. He’s learnt when to come into my space (when I ask) and when not to. He has learnt to connect with me when I’m working with him, with very little distraction (even if a mare is around). He (and I) are gentle souls- and this natural approach to training is so gratifying. No need for hard hands. No need for ropes and whips. Just simple respect between human and horse. And a loving connection where horse mirrors human. Cannot wait to learn more from Robyn and continue our journey together!

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