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Hi, I am Robyn Moolman and I am passionate about coaching and empowering all horse enthusiasts!

Learn to understand and train your horse with a positive approach.

Using the understanding of equine ecology, equine ethology, learning theory and classically correct movements I coach owners, trainers and riders to develop communication that is clear to their horse.

Robyn Moolman

Since 2007 Robyn has invested her time learning from many national & international coaches, trainers and various specialists in the equine industry – not to mention, personally had 1000’s of horses through her hands, both at the end of a rope and at the end of reins.

Passionate about learning and increasing knowledge, Robyn self-studies many other equine avenues. Some of which include various methods of training, the science behind different training approaches, coaching and learning styles. The foundation of Equine Lingo’s training system is based on the understanding of equine ecology, equine ethology, human psychology, human body language and equine body language, both traditional and more holistic approaches to each.

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Developing Equine Lingo has become a lifetime passion. Seeded officially in 2011, it has been my dream to establish an easily accessible platform to share Equine Lingo’s knowledge and techniques with equestrians alike, in a way that is simple to understand yet detailed enough to achieve mastery.

Passionate about learning and gaining knowledge from other equestrian masters, I value information that resonates with me from various sources, as long as the feedback from the horse, is positive. Having implemented these various techniques it became my life’s goal to effectively coach how to better communicate with our horses – thus Equine Lingo was born.

Everyday that I get to work with horses and their owners is a privilege.  I hope my story inspires a little something in you, as others did in me when I first started out! You don’t have to be perfect,  just dedicated with a whole lot of passion!

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